Love letter, leftover lunchbox

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Hollandaise sauce
Mint peas
-Courgette and potato sauté
Lens and beans burger

Back to work as normal, a bento for lunch as being a vegetarian in France is not the easiest. Some courgette and potatoes sautés and some strawberries completed yesterday’s leftovers.
I should be more sedentary in the following months. Not sure Bear will though, so I’ll be the one staying in a lonely house filled with memories, laughs and teasing, scrabble games and chess defeats, decoration planning and wall banged down, plaster dust and paint smells, dug up garden and newly planted trees, all the things we only manage to do together and when one is not by our side we just lose the strength or ability to do.

Rice and coral beans stuffed burrito

Bento content:
-Courgette faggot, dill, peas with mayonnaise, carrot flowers
-Cheese (Gouda)
-Salad cream (directly from England)
-Burrito stuffed with coral beans and rice.

This bento is once again a creation of Bisounours_51 (this explains the funny stuffing of the burrito…). Well, I really anxious before eating this burrito. Verdict: Just great!
The courgette faggot are raw courgette sliced in little sticks. I just love them when dipped in the salas cream.
The peas are out of a tin, and just add a little of mayonnaise.
It doesn’t seem much, but somehow it was really tasty. I would never had dared such a mix, but it was definitively good. Convinced?