Acommoding leftovers

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Bento content:
Pea and mint purée
Carrot purée
Potato purée
-Frozen raspberries
-Dried fruits and pecan nut
-Apple quarter
-Cucumber slices and mushroom slices
Vegan chocolate cupcake

Well, I did had some leftovers from yesterday’s orgie. So I tucked them in our bentos, and surprisingly cold purée is good too. And because raspberries are in season I couldn’t resit to tuck a few in our lunch. A real treat. And because I didn’t have any pulses left I squeezed in a little piece of cheese and dried fruits.
This bento as a little bento friend which I took on the plane, yes, abroad for the two next weeks, so I’m going to be low posting.


My new bento box

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content
-Pumpkin pickle
-Rice (risotto)
-Cucumber slices and mushroom slices
-Quail egg
-Dried fruit, pecan nut
Vegan chocolate muffin
-Half a kiwi
-Quarter of apple

The bento pictured is my new bento box from Bento&Co. I rarely advertise for anything, but I believe that Thomas deserved it. You might know through forums or through comments that I was looking for a metal bento box which would be air and liquid tight. I had no opprtunities to find any which could be purchased in Europe and especially Poland. Then, I contacted Thomas and chatted a little. This is how I had the opportunity to purchase the exact bento box I wanted. This is the first meal I had in this bento.
The bento is in stainless steel, so you should avoid any acid food as lemon or vinegar if you want to keep it shinny. Why metal? Come on, it doesn’t go in a microwave. Yes, but, it does go on a a cooker which is what I have access to at my office. So, now I can eat hot meals. It’s just too bad that it’s summer already and that I prefer salad and fresh bentos…Well, don’t complain! It’ll be a real joy in winter (hopping that I do have access to a heater in my next job…)