Because sandwich can be vegetarian!

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Okara breaded broccoli
-Carrot salad
French vinaigrette
Vegan lemon and kiwi pie
Sandwich made of vegan pâté (black beans), spinach leaves, lettuce, cucumber, cheese.

As I told you I running all the time, I need to go quick. And as you know I still wanted to bake this vegan tort for our job meeting. Still, I had to prepare a bento and well, at some time, go to bed! So I quickly assembled this bento with breaded broccoli for the crunchy taste, raw vegetables for the fresh taste, this little vegan pie because I couldn’t present a pie that I hadn’t tasted before, and to complete a vegetarian sandwich. Yes sandwiches can be vegetarian! This one is filled with creamy cheese, vegan pâté (black beans), spinach leaves, lettuce, cucumber.

Sunday afternoon, onion pie and tiramisu

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Onion pie
-Lettuce, carrot salad
-Pear, pumpkin and cucumber pickles

I really enjoy our Sundays as we are meeting our Polish friends, playing squash and enjoying our time together. I’m always longing towards these Sunday afternoons.
Snow or rain would not prevent us to meet them! This time, we brought the food. Not so easy matter as we have one hour of travelling by bus and tramway to go there.
So we just made some little onion pies, forgot to bring the salads, and tried to bring a tiramisu…
I love this dessert so easy to do, so tasty. I was so truly happy to find easily the ingredients around here without having to go to a specialised shop. And I was lazy enough to buy the ladyfingers so you won’t have this recipe this time.
The onion pie is a French dish I believe. It recalls me of my grandmother and these cold wintry days. She would often make some when we’d come back from skiing with my grandfather…I miss those days.
And an onion pie will bring me back all these nice and warming memories of my youth. Maybe this is why I enjoy it so much?

*I’m sorry, I was abroad and had no possibility to update last week.*

Mushroom pie

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

Bento content
Mushroom pudding
Mushroom pie
-Vegetable stir
-Beetroot square salad
Humus (olive flavoured)
French vinaigrette
Olive polenta crackers
Date flapjack

This bento is full of left-overs of yesterday evening (night?).

I know it’s not the most appealing photo to sell you my mushroom pie recipe…I had too much of the mushroom stuffing for the pudding. So with a little bit of potato starch and some help (Bear did the pastry) I quickly prepared some pie.
Okay..I’ll take out the “I made the pie”…”we” would be more appropriate!

And as you see, this is the last bento of the week: no more fresh vegetables left in my fridge! Can’t wait to be tomorrow: market shopping day! Yeeh!

It continues…

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

Bento content
Coffee cupcake
Polenta olive crakers
Humus olive pâté, tapenade
-Sauerkraut with pickles
Falafel, cauliflower crakers
Pea and mint pie
-Cucumber (only me).

The only way, I manage to prepare bentos everyday is by preparing on week-ends a few recipes. As I have no freezer, my bentos will be quite similar. I’ll just add a few items to spice a little bit my lunches. Each of them, will be really quick to prepare and easy enough to be made on tired evenings when the only thing that crosses your mind is: when can I go to bed?

Today, I added some little polenta olive carkers, and some pea and mint pies. The mint pea pies were just a wonder, even cold! A good bento item.

Mexican style

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Aubias con chiles anchos (white beans with chilli pepper)
Arroz a la mexicana (mexican style rice) with seitan
Quiche de la casa (home made pie)
Broccoli with almonds

Lately I wanting to renew a bit my cooking. And with winter and the so short days that we have in Warsaw, a bit of chilli pepper was a good choice to warm us up! Hey, it’s around -17°C here!
The quiche de la casa is a pie made with spinach (I find some frozen ones), maize, tomatoes, chilli pepper. A real treat. The rice is in a sense a risotto with coriander to which I added seitan (I fell in love with seitan!). As a balanced vegetarian meal asks for pulses I added a spicy Mexican style tomato sauce to hightlight white beans. I couldn’t resist to add my favourite side dish broccoli with roasted almonds. Let’s say that it’s for the iron but the truth is I just like it so much and it’s so easy and quick!