Hand made presents, kiwi and mint jelly

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-Lens and rice
Potato purée
Kiwi and mint jelly

My lonely evenings are quite full lately. Lots of Christmas projects, and clothes mending. A few buttons and a ribbon and the nightdress is ready for the midnight ball. Some drawings, birthday cards. And dolls awaking from surgery after a few stitches or a bath.
So only a quick bento could be done tonight. It is a little starchy but I should be eating a little more of proteins, the fruits are just a way to treat myself. I just have to keep in mind that tomorrow night I have to prepare a plate full of veggies to compensate!

Love letter, leftover lunchbox

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Hollandaise sauce
Mint peas
-Courgette and potato sauté
Lens and beans burger

Back to work as normal, a bento for lunch as being a vegetarian in France is not the easiest. Some courgette and potatoes sautés and some strawberries completed yesterday’s leftovers.
I should be more sedentary in the following months. Not sure Bear will though, so I’ll be the one staying in a lonely house filled with memories, laughs and teasing, scrabble games and chess defeats, decoration planning and wall banged down, plaster dust and paint smells, dug up garden and newly planted trees, all the things we only manage to do together and when one is not by our side we just lose the strength or ability to do.

Fried Jerusalhem artichokes

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Fried Jerusalhem artichokes
Sauerkraut with mushrooms
-Steamed potato

So after our parsnip chip, we went for fried Jerusalem artichokes. The idea suited us, and was a perfect match with the steamed potato, and sauerkraut. A nice meal for a tender evening.

A French version is available here.

Swiss chard and nut tart, and salted turnip

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Salted turnip (Alsatian recipe)
Swiss chard and nut pie
-Steamed potato with a nut of margarine to melt

I wanted to find back old flavours : salted turnip. No way to find some here. So the solution was to prepare some my ownself. It doesn’t ask a lot of time neither a lot of skills and the result is really good. I added a slice of beet and nut pie. First time, I ever tasted any Swiss chard was in Nice as a pie and it was yuk…sprinkled with icing sugar! Past, this first bad experience I was brave enough to try to eat some beet again by copying my spinach pie! And it is tasty enough to have been added to my handy everyday express meals list.

A French translation is available here

Terrific vegan pie

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Potato, red beans and carrot pie
-Mint flavoured tea

I don’t know how many times I’ve checked, but it seems I’ve never featured this vegan pie. It’s the perfect meal we enjoy on wintry evenings. It heats up the place while baking and warms our little greedy stomachs. It’s a sort of minced pie with gravy. The main ingredients are potato, carrot, red beans but you could go for some other vegetables (just beware that they won’t be too watery).

A French version is available here.

Parmentier: better texture, better taste!

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Hachis parmentier

Yesterday, I was putting forward this new meat substitute I baked. Bear found the real meal where this minced seitan would reveal all it’s power: hachis parmentier. What changed from the last recipe? Natural seitan minced is chewy like if you had some pieces of chicken in whereas this solution is more minced meat alike. Moreover the spices are nearer to what we were expecting. So, the result: incredible and so “lecker”! Yes, I’m watching too much German cooking programs on TV.

Acommoding leftovers

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Bento content:
Pea and mint purée
Carrot purée
Potato purée
-Frozen raspberries
-Dried fruits and pecan nut
-Apple quarter
-Cucumber slices and mushroom slices
Vegan chocolate cupcake

Well, I did had some leftovers from yesterday’s orgie. So I tucked them in our bentos, and surprisingly cold purée is good too. And because raspberries are in season I couldn’t resit to tuck a few in our lunch. A real treat. And because I didn’t have any pulses left I squeezed in a little piece of cheese and dried fruits.
This bento as a little bento friend which I took on the plane, yes, abroad for the two next weeks, so I’m going to be low posting.