Wooden bento box, raw courgette spaghetti

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Bento content:
Vegetarian sushi with vinegar prune and carrot
Raw courgette spaghetti with sunflower sauce
-Carrot sticks

I wanted to use my not air nor liquid tight wooden bento. Therefore I had to find things which would be dry enough and wouldn’t leek. So one raw recipe for the top layer with courgette spaghettis and a sunflower miso sauce to spice them up.
I tried to do some vinegar prune (I have no idea how the original Japanese should taste, I’m not staying here long enough to properly make these pickles) to stuff the sushis. A few nectarine slices completed the meal. Because of the fruit I had to wrap the bento with cling film.


Pumpkin dressed in tagine style

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé
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Spicy Moroccan pumpkin tagine

I’m really sorry I forgot my camera. This meal was so great. I love pumpkin and
I was looking for a little foreigner taste to spice my day up.
I therefore thought about a way to use pumpkin differently: in pumpkin style tagine.
Baked pumpkin and radish give so sweet and tender bite, highlighted with chick-peas, sultanas, almonds, prune and spices, and this sunny touch with this sweet and sour taste you can get with honey and vinegar deglazing.
Yaouh I just enjoyed it!

Favorite soup revisited

Leek and prune soup.

The usual version of this soup (due to my dear mum) is with some chicken leftovers. But I didn’t have any and I had enough of meat, so it ended up vegan. What I like with this soup is the sweety taste you get when you eat the prunes which contrast with the salty taste of the leek and the stock cube.

Bento addicted

Hurray I can join the bento challenge community!
Tonight I’m preparing a celebrating bento : that’s four years I’m with….my sweet heart. But before this so waited bento, I’ll have a try and post my today’s lunch box:

Bento content:
Raspberry pie, banana and prune
-Goat cheese rice balls
-Flower shaped carrots, cucumber, salad, cherry tomatoes,
-Egg pancake stuffed with soya beans.

I love to add a little bit of cream on top of the raspberry pie, but it doesn’t bare staying half a day in a bento box…This is better for my belly! ( – -;)