Todd in a pot

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Bento content
Vegetarian pesto tod in a pot
Cabbage salad with yoghurt
-Raw cauliflower, carrot sticks,
-Sandwich with vegetarian pâté and brown seedy bread (only Bf)
Little seitan crackers thick like dried meat, but much tastier!
-Quinoa with lens (soya sauce)

I am jaleous. Yes, I believe this was the feeling I had when viewing the nice tod in pots in bentos lately.
I just wanted to have some in my bento too! But a vegetarian tasty version. What I remember from the meaty version is quite heavy to digest. I wanted a light and spicy version. Result: Bear is totally fond of them. And they were great even cold in our lunch bento.
I didn’t have much time this evening and not much in the fridge either. So I completed this bento with a simple seedy brown sandwich which is maybe this seed gratin Cicerolle was speaking of :). I redid some of these little seitan crakers that I had to bread with nuts and walnut as I had finished most of my dried okara. You should definitely taste them!
With some fresh carrot sticks and cauliflower trees to complete the bento, I was rewarded with a great hug for this lunch!

Vegan merguez [better texture]

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Vegan merguez [base: seitan]
-Quinoa and lens
Courgette spicy tomato sauce

As you know I like playing with food. And lately I was looking for some meat alike replacers. There was one sausage I liked for its spices: it was merguez. I didn’t though like the greasy part of the sausage.
And Bear loves this sausage so much, I gave it another shot. I already tried to make some vegan sausage but I was not completely satisfied with the texture. So this time I tried a different variation, using mainly gluten and no soya flour. We liked it better as it has this little chewy texture one can find with meat. (Indeed, this is one of the main gluten property).
With this little sausage we did a little “coucous” alike meal but we used quinoa instead of “semoule”, to which we added some lens. The courgette spicy tomato sauce recalls a little ratatouille…
Okay, remember I said alike! 🙂 Well, it was a true treat.
I’m so happy I’m back home playing with food again, I truly missed it!

Colourful bento

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Bento content
Seitan crakers
-Quinoa topped with kohlrabi leaves and nuts sprinkles
-Broccoli and Brussels sprouts flavoured with ginger, chilli pepper and stock
Apple and pear nutty crumble
Aubergine’s caviar, carrot and radish pickles
-BF’s eternal cheese sandwich
Quick soup

After swimming I had to pack really quickly up a bento for the next day. I had some seitan left, I decided to prepare them as little miso flavoured fritters. This was really a good idea. Even cold they are really tasty and not too greasy as I cannot truly fry them (none of my pans are deep enough). The apple and pear crumble was the result of this 6 o’clock cooking frenzy. And it’s a good way to make BF eat fruits. (I still didn’t find enough tricks to make him eat fruits except juices, smoothies and cakes…any idea?) What’s more? Ah..aubergine caviar. This is a very good dip which deserves it’s name. One aubergine gives really little caviar…but so tasty! And last but not least, I added a little round tup in which I poured boiling water to make it in a soup. This one is a mix of miso, kohlrabi and nut sprinkle and dried tomato strips. Well, that was really tasty! I’ll make some soup every lunch now! Having a hot dish on this cold days was really a joy.

Spicy tomato sauce and cabbage

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé
Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content:
-Grated carrot with a Japanese style vinaigrette
Quinoa beetroot bites sprinkled with chilli pepper powder
-Broccoli and cabbage mini burgers sprinkled with ginger powder
Lentils and pumpkin seeds muffins
-Basmati rice with carrot and nori
Spicy tomato sauce and cabbage
-Chocolate and banana yoghurt cupcake

Oh, I’m so sad, we finished our beetroot cupcakes! I had to prepare new cupcakes. These are easy yoghurt cupcakes flavoured with banana and chocolate.
The other new item in this bento is the spicy tomato cabbage.
And guess what, I managed to forget my bento at home! I had to go back and eat at home.
Grr…There’s no use to prepare a bento if you forget it! I’m so scatterbrain.

This time you can have a view of the two bentos. Bisounours_51 decorated mine (two tier bento) and me his (blue bento).
Okay, I have to admit…he’s so more creative!

A similar bento with broccoli and cabbage mini burgers

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content:
-Grated carrot with a Japanese style vinaigrette
-Carrot variation of the vegetarian sushi
-Broccoli and cabbage burgers sprinkled with ginger powder
Quinoa beetroot bites sprinkled with chilli pepper powder
Lentils and pumpkin seeds muffins
Beetroot cupcakes.

Well, the bento is really similar to yesterday’s. But, it’s well-balanced (for a vegetarian eater) and took less than ten minutes to put together. So, at least, I managed to stick to my goals! Thanks Maki for the motivation!

I cannot give you the precise recipe for the broccoli and cabbage burgers, as I merely just cooked both veggies in water with a vegetarian stock cube, blended them, added ginger, rice flour, soya flour, polenta and flour until it was thick enough to make burgers that I could cook in a frying pan (both sides). I wasn’t awake enough
to keep track of how much of what I put inside to make them. I hope, you’ll forgive me.

Oh, by the way, the blue bentos featured lately are Bisounours_51’s. I wouldn’t be able to eat so much! 🙂