Indian evening

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Spicy cabbage and pea
Caramelised turnip
Red rice with red beans

Bear had time to join me for dinner tonight. Meaning, that for once he wasn’t on the road. So while waiting I tried to put together dinner. And here’s what’s new: Indian spicy red cabbage and pea (which is usually done with a green cabbage) and caramelised turnips. The spice of the cabbage and pea dish is calmed down with the sweet turnips. Rice and red beans were added to balance the meal. I set the table with a nice cloth, the Sunday plates, and lit a few candles to make it a little special.

A French version is available here.

Greek pita bento to assemble

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

Homemade pita breads
-Grated carrots, cucumber, celery, turnip
-Sliced cabbage and red cabbage
White sauce
Humus flavoured with olives
-Dried dates, chocolate.

Sometimes Bear complains that sandwichs are good too. So to charm him and prove him that healthy bentos and sandwiches are not incompatibles I came up with
vegetarian pitas with falafels.

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

The idea is to prepare the pitas just before eating. The pita are precut and we just had to spread a little nut of humus, then the vegetables, the falafels and top with the white sauce.

Bear shared his bento with a colleague on the way to Wroclaw…one more addicted, one more poor wife which has to start bentoing (yes, here female/male roles seems still to be really settled…[hard for a feminist like me 😉] ).
And Bear is begging me to make him this bentos again and again…Pffiou!

A poor attempt for San Francisco Golden Bridge

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Bento content
Blue naturally coloured rice
Lighter version of the beetroot cupcake
Lentils and nut cupcake
-Carrot sticks flavoured with ginger and anis
-Broccoli flavoured with ginger, anis, and chilli pepper
Carrot and celery pickle
-Red cabbage polish salad with walnuts
-Mushrooms and cucumber slices.

This evening I had a little time. So I tried to answer Sandra‘s question: how to obtain blue natural colouring. The answer is red cabbage with raising powder! The colour is really deep blue. The amount of red cabbage leaves will permit you to play with the intensity of the blue. At first, I was thinking of doing the bridge with nori which would have giving a more precise result, but it didn’t stand out the way carrot did…I’m not at all satisfied with the result but I had truly fun creating it! Hope it’ll be tasty!

Four nests bento

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Bento content:
-Japanese noodle (soba)
-Quail eggs
Kohlrabi and walnut sprinkles
-Red cabbage flavoured with ginger, Brussels sprouts,
-Broccoli flavoured with paprika
Sweet Japanese black beans
Radish and carrot pickles with olives
-Bf’s cheese sandwich and Brussels sprouts.

It’s the first time I find quail eggs in the nearby shop. I couldn’t resist trying them. I had in mind a eagle’s nest made with soba noodles and some green sprinkles which should be quite flavoured to highlight a bit our cold lunch. I had prepared some flavoured greens to go with them and was trying to present it not to awfully, when Bear came with the idea of doing 4 nests and adding olives to the last nest.
The broccoli nest is laying over some sweet Japanese black beans mix. These pulses are really sweet and make a truly good bento item. The salty taste from the sprinkles contrasted really nicely with this sweetness. Bear came home really happy of this bento! I enjoyed it too by the way, but somehow when Bear enjoys it too it’s so more meaningful…

Little flowers to remember that Spring will come somehow

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content:
Omelette flavoured with miso
-Brussels sprouts, red cabbage flavoured with chilli pepper and ginger,
-Broccoli, raw mushrooms, carrot and radish pickle,
-Flower made with raw red cabbage, carrot, parsley stalk and mushrooms.
-BF gets mini cheese sandwiches.

Lately I was in a creative mood. I wanted to colour a bit our bentos and I had this pattern in the mind: a yellow omelette with a flower to remember that Spring will somehow knock at the door and fight back the snow and the grey skies.
Because most time the kyaraben don’t resist travelling I’ve glued each element with cheese spread. Therefore, when we opened our bento at lunch time, the flower pattern was still prettily there. As usual, there’s such a different between what I have in mind and how I poorly manage to present them.