Earth day and a quick bento

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Risotto topped with flax seeds and wakame
-Canned pepper bell, mum’s home-grown carrots, flat green beans, chive, parsley

Most of the time I feel like the hummingbird trying to fight an enormous forest fire with the tiny drop of water he can store in his beak, not listening to the others laughing about the nonsense of the situation, trying not to hear their “it’s useless” argumentation.
But today is different. Today is Earth day. Today, I feel that I’m not the only hummingbird in the world. That trying to consume less and differently is not just like another stone in the pond. That going for respectful environment-friendly and not-tested-on-animals products is not just another fancy of mine. That taking the time to make my own cleaning products is worth it (at least I know our sceptic tank thanks us for it), and so is my weird ideas of buying mainly seasonal, local, fair-trade and/or organic goods. That trying to avoid plastic products and having a garden is not just useless. That the money we put into having a greener and waste-free home is meaningful. That preferring to walk or use the bicycle, or accepting the annoyance of public transport to the car is worth (at least I’ll do my daily sport).
Thanks to all the hummingbirds. Have a nice Earth day.
P.S.: I naturally went for a vegan bento. It lacks of proteins but this morning I ate a lemon tofu soufflé as breakfast.

Bechamel peas

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-Steamed romanesco broccoli
Bechamel peas
Risotto (carrots, onion, mushrooms, broccoli)

Sometimes I wonder whether or not to post my everyday bentos. The risotto is yesterday evening’s leftovers. I do not have a proper recipe as I wasn’t the cook! Bear made us the meal yesterday and he rarely measures anything regarding spices. I believe you could go with any risotto recipe already featured here. I added some peas in bechamel and steamed romanesco brocoli.

I found a better way to heat up my meal, avoiding a microwave: I stuck it in an oven for seven minutes at 200°C (to avoid meals to dry up add a glass of boiling water in the oven). Just keep in mind that I have a tiny oven that heats up quick. Have a nice day!

Polish dish: mushroom scallop

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Mushroom scallop [polish recipe]
Onion and curcuma risotto
Mediterranean foil parcel

We have spent an incredibly great week-end with Bear’s polish colleagues. Though they only speak polish, my polish is good enough to understand easy things and answer half with words half with mimes. Yes, I rarely encounter any polish in my work, whereas Bear is all the time working with Poles, therefore he’s nearly fluent.
As I am a vegetarian, and polish diet is really full of meat, Agda thought a lot and came with this incredible mouth watering mushroom scallop. The idea is to mimic their chicken scallop. These easy scallop need two major ingredients Boczniak mushrooms and tarta bulka which is finely blended bread crumbs made of their bulka bread (baking soda based bread). I think you might find them in special polish stores, I believe. Well, I’ll figure it out next year, as I definitely want to have some more of these in the future, even if not living in Poland any more.
I added some little foil parcel of Mediterranean vegetables with some fresh basil and thyme I manage to grow near the kitchen window. To accompany these goodies, Bear in the meantime prepared some simple but tasteful onion and curcuma risotto. It was a joy to cook together, and even more when we sat down and started to eat…Oh Poland, you really can have good food!

Bakewell tart, the Daring bakers June’s challenge

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-Baby tomatoes, crisps
-Vegetable risotto
Bakewell tart with raspberry jam

I joined the Daring bakers’s challenge as I wanted to try a little more challenging puddings and cake than my usual muffins. This month it is a typical british desert: Bakewell tart. This one is made with homemade raspberry jam. What I like about jam is not the sugary taste but the fruit taste, so there is less sugar and a bit of agar-agar to make it set.
The Bakewell tart is a pie made of jam topped with frangipane (the same filling used for the Galette des rois) made from almonds. And it was the perfect dessert to bring over to our French friends we met in Poland. It was a truly nice evening.
And just for the record, the recipe I did don’t match the challenge hosted by Jasmine of Confessions of a Cardamom Addict and Annemarie of Ambrosia and Nectar, guess…trouble reading a recipe.

Puff pastry with sauercraut and mushrooms, spicy paneer spinach

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Spicy paneer spinach
Red risotto
Puff pastry filled with sauerkraut and mushroom

You all know how I’m into doing every single thing homemade. But, I have to admit, I never did myself flacky pastry. I usually was only just the little helper. And in France it was so easy to find some processed.
Well, I have to admit that here Francuskie ciasto is not the cheapest pastry you’d find and I only found them in French supermarkets.
And Bear astonished me: he decide on the spot that because we hadn’t any in the fridge he’d make some! Well, my jaw dropped, I phone mum for the recipe and let him play! (See tutorial)
This is how he came with this little sauerkraut and mushrooms pie. The filling can seem weird to some of you, but it tastes like a lot of polish filling we tasted lately. It was really incredibly good and a good way to eat our cabbage.

To highlight his creation I added the beetroot risotto, which is so great hot, and some spicy feta spinach. Yes, spinach is our favourite vegetable. So prettily green, so tasty and with Indian style spices, well, Bear and I had the best dinner ever.

Maybe all these great adjectives would convince you to roll up your sleeves and lock you up in your kitchen!