Polish soup : Parówkowy gulasz w jarzynami

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Polish soup (tomato soup with peas and vegan sausage),
-Toasted bread,
Tofu balls,

Bear is away all week. I’m lying on my favourite fluffy carpet, hanging on the phone with my sister while waiting that my soup cools down. It’s a simple meal that I would qualify of comfort food as it brings back a lot of memories from our Polish stay. A meal that Bear often asks for : quick simple and really yummy. A good way to fight winter.

By the way, has anyone a good recipe for vegan sausages? I’d love to be able to replicate the I-bought-them-myself ones.

P.S.: Eve, the homemade tomato sauce and the peas come from my freezer.

Fried Jerusalhem artichokes

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Fried Jerusalhem artichokes
Sauerkraut with mushrooms
-Steamed potato

So after our parsnip chip, we went for fried Jerusalem artichokes. The idea suited us, and was a perfect match with the steamed potato, and sauerkraut. A nice meal for a tender evening.

A French version is available here.

Fried parsnip

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Puffed sauerkraut
Fried parsnip
-Boiled carrots from mum’s garden

I’m trying to catch up a little. So this post isn’t about our favourite puffed sauerkraut, but just to point out a discovery of ours. Bear is really reticent to eat up his parsnip usually. But this changed when he came up with the idea to prepare them as chips! Sometimes, he really comes up with nice ideas!

A French version is available here.

Polish mushroom soup

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Polish mushroom soup
-Home-made pickles
-Hot dog with soya sausage

This night, we are, as usual, really in a hurry. I didn’t have much time and so we did a really quick meal. I prepared some mushroom soup (following Agda’s instructions) with their self grown oyster mushrooms. We added some salads and a little vegetarian hot dogs (with mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise) to mimic polish habits when on the road. We have such fun lately!

Puff pastry with sauercraut and mushrooms, spicy paneer spinach

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Spicy paneer spinach
Red risotto
Puff pastry filled with sauerkraut and mushroom

You all know how I’m into doing every single thing homemade. But, I have to admit, I never did myself flacky pastry. I usually was only just the little helper. And in France it was so easy to find some processed.
Well, I have to admit that here Francuskie ciasto is not the cheapest pastry you’d find and I only found them in French supermarkets.
And Bear astonished me: he decide on the spot that because we hadn’t any in the fridge he’d make some! Well, my jaw dropped, I phone mum for the recipe and let him play! (See tutorial)
This is how he came with this little sauerkraut and mushrooms pie. The filling can seem weird to some of you, but it tastes like a lot of polish filling we tasted lately. It was really incredibly good and a good way to eat our cabbage.

To highlight his creation I added the beetroot risotto, which is so great hot, and some spicy feta spinach. Yes, spinach is our favourite vegetable. So prettily green, so tasty and with Indian style spices, well, Bear and I had the best dinner ever.

Maybe all these great adjectives would convince you to roll up your sleeves and lock you up in your kitchen!

Quickly put together lunch

That lunch, I had forgotten to make myself a bento, so I had to go back home (30 minutes commuting) and to quickly prepare something. I had a look in my fridge and I had some green lens already cooked, a bit of salad and some sauerkraut. So this is with what I ended up :

Lunch (10 minutes prep)
-Polish sauerkraut with carrots
-Whole wheat pasta topped with a bolognese sauce of green lens
-Salad topped with pumpkin seeds

I just added a tea spoon of tomato sauce in the sauerkraut to give it this bright and warm colour.

PETA’s vegetarian day

Okay I know the hug a vegetarian day is the 28th of September. But somehow with this USB camera cable problem, I couldn’t post it.

That day I had so few time. I woke up and realised I hadn’t made any bento the day before (I was badly ill) and I didn’t have any left-overs from the precedent meals, nor ready stapple to rely on.
So in less than 20 minutes I quickly put together some couscous, sauerkraut. I rapidly over-boiled some broccoli trees and smash most of them with a bit of spices and soya sauce. The punches were so quickly made and placed on top. I admit, it is not the most pretty bento I made, but I can compete with our friend biggie for this one!

Well, anyway, I enjoyed it so much, so that is maybe only that that should be remembered…How was your hug a vegetarian day?