Pattypan squash soup

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Pattypan squash soup with fried seitan balls
Onion flavoured bread

Hi! It has been a while! I’m really sorry about it, I’ve been working so hard lately: at work at 7h30 and Bear tries to make me stop before 23! Well, this week-end I had a little time to treat Bear and thank him for the last few weeks, when he did all the cooking. So I think that a little soup with some fried seitan balls, and homemade onion flavoured bread slices would do the trick. Oh, and I do have to thank Kahte from the Vegeweb forum for the idea of fried seitan. It was really great. It’s nice to get near some pans and have a little time for cooking.


Parmentier: better texture, better taste!

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Hachis parmentier

Yesterday, I was putting forward this new meat substitute I baked. Bear found the real meal where this minced seitan would reveal all it’s power: hachis parmentier. What changed from the last recipe? Natural seitan minced is chewy like if you had some pieces of chicken in whereas this solution is more minced meat alike. Moreover the spices are nearer to what we were expecting. So, the result: incredible and so “lecker”! Yes, I’m watching too much German cooking programs on TV.

Sort of minced meat (seitan)

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Minced seitan
Cauliflower and broccoli stir
Spinach with mushrooms

The hot Polish summer days seem to be always followed by stormy rainy nights. Even in week-ends. I came back tired from a medieval battle reconstitution at Grunenwald and a three hours swim in a cold lake. I needed some fulfilling food to help me fight back the little cold which seemed to show up. So, as I had a little time yesterday night I prepared some minced meat substitute based on seitan and tofu. The result was really nice especially with some really tasteful veggies. What could we hope for more?

Vegan merguez [better texture]

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Vegan merguez [base: seitan]
-Quinoa and lens
Courgette spicy tomato sauce

As you know I like playing with food. And lately I was looking for some meat alike replacers. There was one sausage I liked for its spices: it was merguez. I didn’t though like the greasy part of the sausage.
And Bear loves this sausage so much, I gave it another shot. I already tried to make some vegan sausage but I was not completely satisfied with the texture. So this time I tried a different variation, using mainly gluten and no soya flour. We liked it better as it has this little chewy texture one can find with meat. (Indeed, this is one of the main gluten property).
With this little sausage we did a little “coucous” alike meal but we used quinoa instead of “semoule”, to which we added some lens. The courgette spicy tomato sauce recalls a little ratatouille…
Okay, remember I said alike! 🙂 Well, it was a true treat.
I’m so happy I’m back home playing with food again, I truly missed it!

Sandwich can be vegetarian

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Bento content
Cabbage yoghurt salad
-Sandwich 1: vegan pâté [base mung beans], cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise
-Sandwich 2: aubergine caviar, seitan breaded with okara and miso spices, lettuce.

As usual, I’m in a hurry, trying to get everything done and still to eat properly so I went for sandwiches today. I saw on a few forums that people don’t imagine sandwiches to be vegetarian.
I think this is truly amazing! Hey wake up guys, there are thousands of incredible variations of vegetarian/vegan pâtés. This decided me to show you this really simple but tasty bento. Maybe sandwiches would be a little more vegetarian among non-vegetarian eaters! 😉
(The box is my little Totoro box which got damaged during my last trip. It’s last time, before ending in the museum of broken bento boxes…I hate these low cost flights!).

Banana coco jelly, thin okara and miso breaded seitan

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Bento content
Sesame cookies
Banana and coco jelly (lemon for the colour)
-Cauliflower and carrot sticks
Thin seitan slices breaded with okara and miso
-Kiwi slices

So happy, I’m back cooking again on a daily basis. Bear is too! This bento is full of little things I missed these last days: homemade cookies, jelly, houmous, rice and raw vegetables and fruits.
It’s stupid but humus isn’t something common in France. I mean you cannot go in any shop and find can of houmous. Unfortunatly. And jelly is just unavailable and I tend to avoid mousses because of gelatine.
So back at home, with very little time and just blended a banana and add coco flakes a little lemon to prevent the banana to turn brown and agar-agar. And here you are!
As I told you yesterday, I wanted a to add a little more flavour to my ham. How? Well, I played with the breading. As usual I headed towards my okara box better than bread crumbs and looked for miso and spices! The result was really great!
And today’s treat were these little cookies mostly made out of sesame and maple syrup.

An attempt to seitan ham

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Bento content
Chocolate and coffee cupcake
-Carrot salad
-Onigri breaded with nutritional yeast
Seitan ham flavoured mushroom

Four weeks on the road, living in planes, trains and hotels looking for a job. I truly missed you and my kitchen! What can I say? The moment my suitcases landed on the floor of my flat, kissed bear hello, I was in the kitchen all pans out and ready to prepare our monday bento.
During these four weeks away with very little internet connection, I had a lot of time to think about vegan “ham” making with gluten. I had several a goes but I still want to think over the flavouring but it’s quite promissing. I’m not so happy about the texture though. Wait for tomorow to see what one can do with this ham!