Iced strawberries

This is a little treat full of fruits that I and Bisounours_51 just enjoy to have! And so easy to make…
We called it iced strawberries.
The question is why frozen strawberries? Well, Bisounours_51 bought me a few kilos for jam making, and as I was away as usual, the only solution was to freeze them. Somehow we wondered why you couldn’t find any frozen strawberries in stores..;well, we understood: they do not at all keep well frozen. It’s a bit more like those you make in syrups. Well, this recipe was really great and we definitely had it quite a few times as pudding! So, even though frozen strawberries are no the rule, you can do more than jam out of them!

And now I’ve realised that in Poland there are a lot of frozen strawberries, that they use to make what they call “compote”!

Carrot and parsley smoothie (or soup?)

I enjoyed the taste of this cooled soup or carrot and spinach-parsley smoothie.
Hey, sorry for the delayed post! But it’s my last week here…so I’m out most of the time to catch up with friends. Yes, it’s not easy! No kitchen left, and the departure arriving so quickly!