Porridge for wintery days

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Apple and cinnamon flavoured porridge
-Hot beverage made from soya milk and chocolate

Winter, grey and cold days, icy wind and snowy mountains. What can one dream of on such days? The little ogre in me longs for a basic savoury and fulfilling porridge. Here it’s the apple and cinnamon version. But I can also go for any other variation with cranberries, sultanas, bananas, pear or even chocolate.

A French version is available here.


Vegan toffee bakewell tart

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Tea treat
-Tea (sencha)
Vegan toffee bakewell tart

As I told you I still don’t have an oven yet. Therefore I can only look at the photos of the pies I could do when I still was in Warsaw. This one was a try to veganise the bakewell tart I did but to make it treackier I wanted to stuff it with homemade toffee or also known as milk jam.
Conclusion: one can do toffee with soya milk without any trouble! And the result is really great! I have also tried an alternative with coco milk which is really awesome, but I wasn’t sure it would marry with the almond taste here. For the aerial part of the almonds paste I used vinegar and baking powder. Would you believe if I told you that Bear thought that the tart was much lighter and yummy than the previous one? A simple look at this photos and the sweet smell of this delicious tart comes up to my memories. I’d give a lot to have an oven again! 😉

Soya milk coagulates when adding calcium

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Howdy! Just a quick post to tell you that when you add calcium to soya milk it coalgulates and gives a fluffy soya cream. Surprised I googled up and saw that there are research articles (to whom we don’t have access if you’re not a researcher in this domain yourself) explaining how to add calcium to soya milk without making it coagulate…Well, this will stay a mystery then.
Any answers?
At least I understand why my home-made milk separates when I put it in my Ricoré (it has calcium, not much though, and the bought soya milk I get have calcium added and don’t have this curdling effect).

Watercress fluffy soup

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Watercress fluffy soup.

I was not pretty hungry this evening, as we had lunch at one of these vegetarian self you can find in Warsaw. Usually I can’t even finish my plate there. All of them offer a choice between ten meals and two daily menus. I had a hard time to choose between pierogi, tortillas or soja chop, all of them served with kasha or rice and salads (sauerkraut, cucumber, carrot, cabbage,…).

However, when I came home I was so happy as finally my watercress sprouts were ready. At last I could try a home-made watercress soup. (I’ve only tasted these dry soup coming out of a package…)
I went through my books, and as usual, didn’t follow even partly what was written (why do I buy books…?)
The result was gorgeous! Wonderfully fluffy and so healthy. So have a go!