Going to Luxembourg

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-Apple quarter
-Mini tomatoes
-Maize (pickle)
-Raw cauliflower
-Carrot sticks
Ratatouille (soya pellet, carrot, aubergine, maize)
Homemade furitake

I’m still moving a lot (as usual would one say). I’ve prepared this little bento to eat on the plane while going to Luxembourg.
And guess what? I had to open my box to show that it was only food at the custom! Why is it that I cannot go through customs whithout having to open everything, and explain where why and for how long I going there…

Wraps tonight

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Tomato and feta jelly
Kohlrabi roesti
Lentils balls
Soya pellet in tomato sauce
-Carrot, cucumber, cauliflower, homemade pickles

As you all know, I’m completely fond of wraps! And I usually put really weird stuff in my wraps. This time we went for so tasty lentils balls, a soya bolognese tomato sauce, and kohlrabi roesti and fresh veggies.
But before starting the wraps feast we had some little tomato and feta Provençal tasty jelly. I love these evenings when we have so much of little bites of so many different things…Yummy.

Moussaka for StL

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I’m trying to prepare a bit in advance my meals so that I don’t have to rush every evening, preparing one meal and two bentos. So on Sunday evening I prepared this vegetarian moussaka which I had only to reheat yesterday evening. This left me time to prepare our bentos, and spend the evening at our favourite jazz club.

The title needs a little explanation. StL is one of my best friends. She’s also always complaining that my meals are full of spices. In her opinion, food is good when it tastes of what it should taste (I’d rather say, when it’s plain…:) just kidding).
So here you are, if you like food with little spice, this meal is for you. If not, don’t be scatterbrain and just add the additional spices I usually add (see recipe).

Chili sin carne

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Chili sin carne
Polish cabbage salad.

Today, I had forgotten to add some pulses in our bentos. I had really to rebalanced our meal (said this way, it seems as if I was anxious to have forgotten pulses!). Well, anyway, it was just an excuse to prepare one of my favourite spicy easy and quick made meal! It’s true that it’s quite immediate if you have your azukis already cooked. Tinned azukis would go also to speed up dinner preparation.

The cabbage salad recipe comes from a polish friend of mine who had invited us this Sunday. We had a great time together. And for the first time, I saw an iced lake and even walked on it. Yes, I was truly frightened! But some people were even driving with cars on this lake!
Could you believe it?

Spinach and soya lasagne

Spinach and soya lasagne
-Vegan cookies with coffee.

While I was in Paris I met Bisounours_51 with his suitcase full…And there was my pasta machine. Oh, I was really released. I couldn’t bring it when I came the first time because of the weight.
So to celebrate this, we made a lasagne when back in Warsaw! So yummy with whole wheat fresh pasta sheets!

Burritos filling

I just like burritos. The recipe of this typical filling of burrito can be found here.
I think I’ll try to mix the tortillas (mexican) with other international recipes. I’m sure it could give good recipes. Like an english breakfast….