Onigri with miso and okara breading, soya cotelette: stop buying commercial mix!

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Bento content
Onigri with miso and okara breading
Cabbage salad topped with prickles of turnip leaves and nuts
-Carrot slices
-One homemade and one bought spicy soya cotelette
-Cucumber pickled (sliced)
Corn and olive salad

I love rice. I just cannot live without. So this time I made little onigris that I dipped in some miso thick paste and breaded with okara. You know my left-overs from milk soya making. As usual, you can just replace it by breadcumbs…Bear is addicted to these onigri now…geez he’ll eat all my good rice…damn!Should hide it…
I redid some of this seasoning with turnip leaves this time and it was just as great as the one made with kohlrabi leaves.
Did you ever try soya cotelette? I like them quite a lot, and my favourite are the spicy ones.
I even bought a pack of this weird powder, where you have to add water form it in a ball and then heat them…Yes, I did…But, then, (you all know me) I had to try to do some myself! So I gave it a shot, and to be honest, I put in each bento one homemade one and one bought one so we could compare.
Result: I think that mines have a little less chewy texture in comparison to the bought ones. Bear told me I was mad, he preferred mines as they were more spicy and he thought the texture was exactly the same.
Whatever, the conclusion is that we are not buying it anymore and that I’ll make some.
You’re thinking it’ll use me up more time? No, no, it’s just as quick as taking out this pack and putting water in it. Yes, it’s blended dried okara, potato starch and some spices...here you go!


Rice flakes for a express rice pudding

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé
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Rice and fruit pudding
-Apple, orange
-Half a banana smashed with cinnamon

I’m back from a three weeks professional trip in North-East and South of France. And as usual, I had to forget something: this time it’s my camera. Well, it’s not lost so everything is okay, I’ll have it back in two weeks I believe.
Each time I come back from a trip it’s a real fuss to have me back on tracks cooking for the forthcoming days. First, I have to quickly go shopping for fresh vegs and fruits. Then, I have to urge preparing some beans, and some cereals or soup to be able to plan my week menus. But, as you can guess the evening I arrive there’s few possibility to go shopping, and this is how I came up with chestnut milk or soya milk made out of flour. And I realised that with a few drops of nut oil I could find this little greasy taste you have with milk. More over it prevents the milk from separating into a floury and watery part. Still you need to stir the milk before serving but less than before.
For the fruits, I had packed them in my suitcase as I cannot imagine a breakfast without them. I don’t know if you have access to rice flakes but if you do, this recipe of rice pudding takes less than 5 minutes. So don’t tell you don’t have time. Even my water takes longer to boil (I’m joking…)