Oat and quinoa tomato burgers

– Spicy red pepper
Oat and quinoa burger.

I somehow love oats. You’ll find them in my breakfast as cereals or porridges, in my cookies and cakes and now in my dinner. This recipe is really awesome!


Tacu-tacu and pili-pili sauce

Tacu-tacu with pili pili sauce
-Vegetable stir

While I was in Chile I ate in a Peruvian restaurant, where I had the opportunity to eat tacu-tacu with the pili pili sauce.
I bought a recipe book there and looked up at the recipe (in Spanish…so, I’m not sure). I did this dinner in Warsaw, without the book
(my suitcase has limits…unfortunately). So this recipe is a mix from “reminiscence” and of the ingredients I had find the first week I arrived (it means really few 😦 ).

Quickly put together lunch

That lunch, I had forgotten to make myself a bento, so I had to go back home (30 minutes commuting) and to quickly prepare something. I had a look in my fridge and I had some green lens already cooked, a bit of salad and some sauerkraut. So this is with what I ended up :

Lunch (10 minutes prep)
-Polish sauerkraut with carrots
-Whole wheat pasta topped with a bolognese sauce of green lens
-Salad topped with pumpkin seeds

I just added a tea spoon of tomato sauce in the sauerkraut to give it this bright and warm colour.

Whole wheat choconut and peach mousse pancake

Tea time treat
-Pancake stuffed with choconut and peach spread.

I didn’t put the recipe of the pancake as I can’t translate the flour I’m using lately. I don’t think that having a recipe with all the type of flours written in Polish would be of any help for most of you…But maybe I’ve got polish speakers readers…Hey, one can dream!
Well, but a little tip to make your pancake fancier: just spread a few flakes on the top of the pancake while it’s cooking. Then, you’ll have a little crunchy effect! The result seems great with no effort…and you’ll never find that in any shop I’ve been into!