Hand made presents, kiwi and mint jelly

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-Lens and rice
Potato purée
Kiwi and mint jelly

My lonely evenings are quite full lately. Lots of Christmas projects, and clothes mending. A few buttons and a ribbon and the nightdress is ready for the midnight ball. Some drawings, birthday cards. And dolls awaking from surgery after a few stitches or a bath.
So only a quick bento could be done tonight. It is a little starchy but I should be eating a little more of proteins, the fruits are just a way to treat myself. I just have to keep in mind that tomorrow night I have to prepare a plate full of veggies to compensate!


Love letter, leftover lunchbox

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Hollandaise sauce
Mint peas
-Courgette and potato sauté
Lens and beans burger

Back to work as normal, a bento for lunch as being a vegetarian in France is not the easiest. Some courgette and potatoes sautés and some strawberries completed yesterday’s leftovers.
I should be more sedentary in the following months. Not sure Bear will though, so I’ll be the one staying in a lonely house filled with memories, laughs and teasing, scrabble games and chess defeats, decoration planning and wall banged down, plaster dust and paint smells, dug up garden and newly planted trees, all the things we only manage to do together and when one is not by our side we just lose the strength or ability to do.

Blueberry pie

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Tea time treat
Blueberry pie
Raspberry tea smoothie
-Toast with strawberry jam

I just can’t believe it, three days ago it was snowing in Warsaw. Here, it is really sunny, and we still need fresh beverages to cool us down! Therefore I did iced tea, which I mixed with raspberries to have a sweet smoothie which was just right with the blueberry pie. Did, you ever do blueberry pie? And? How many times was it not properly set, full of blueberry juice? First tip: spread almond powder on the crustpastry before delaying the blueberries. Second tip: add a teaspoon of potato starch with the sugar in the blueberries. And this will do the trick! 🙂

Comment: the fruits I used here are frozen fruits from my mum’s garden.

Iced strawberries

This is a little treat full of fruits that I and Bisounours_51 just enjoy to have! And so easy to make…
We called it iced strawberries.
The question is why frozen strawberries? Well, Bisounours_51 bought me a few kilos for jam making, and as I was away as usual, the only solution was to freeze them. Somehow we wondered why you couldn’t find any frozen strawberries in stores..;well, we understood: they do not at all keep well frozen. It’s a bit more like those you make in syrups. Well, this recipe was really great and we definitely had it quite a few times as pudding! So, even though frozen strawberries are no the rule, you can do more than jam out of them!

And now I’ve realised that in Poland there are a lot of frozen strawberries, that they use to make what they call “compote”!


Bento content
-Smashed red beans with spices,
Spicy beef
Custard with strawberries and apricot with a mint leaf
Mint cabbage brick
-Italian flat beans.

To flavour the red beans I used this mix of spices:
1/2 cup of soja sauce, 1 garlic clove finely chopped, 1 tsp of ginger, 1tsp of Chile powder.
I just like it, it really cheered me up and made this bento really enjoyable.

Why stars? On the LJ blog, I used at that time, these stars appeared to picture your mood…

Sweet romance

Bento content
Mustard beef
Cabbage and mint brick
-Broccoli, Italian flat beans
Custard, strawberries, mint leave, home-made dog-rose jam.

I really enjoyed the taste of this bento though it was a bit too much for me. What I preferred was this mix of different tastes. This bento is a special thought for StL with whom I spent a good evening.

A trip to Paris

Bento content:
-Smashed potato,
-Ginger flavoured broccoli and Italian flat beans, read beans
Chicken rolls
-Strawberries, cherry, mint leaves,
Rice pudding.

Hey yes, I’m in Paris again. And this time with no time to go to the Chinese shops.