Wooden bento box, raw courgette spaghetti

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Bento content:
Vegetarian sushi with vinegar prune and carrot
Raw courgette spaghetti with sunflower sauce
-Carrot sticks

I wanted to use my not air nor liquid tight wooden bento. Therefore I had to find things which would be dry enough and wouldn’t leek. So one raw recipe for the top layer with courgette spaghettis and a sunflower miso sauce to spice them up.
I tried to do some vinegar prune (I have no idea how the original Japanese should taste, I’m not staying here long enough to properly make these pickles) to stuff the sushis. A few nectarine slices completed the meal. Because of the fruit I had to wrap the bento with cling film.

Red naturally coloured red rice

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

Red beetroot risotto vegetarian sushis
-Carrot salad, celery salad
Light pea salad with mayonnaise
Tempura of cauliflower and broccoli
-Cucumber sticks
-Cherry of French vinaigrette

So in my search of naturally colouring, I was looking for red colouring. And so, I came with a beetroot risotto. Bear was totally charmed by this combination thanks to the little sweet and sour taste due to the additional vinegar. And this sushi version was incredibly great too.
The pea with mayonnaise is one of Bisounours_51’s favourite. But, I have to agree that I cannot agree to put so much of mayonnaise so I just add yoghurt to mayonnaise and some potato starch to thicken it.

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

And the last item which was the king of this bento is these tempura cauliflower and broccoli sticks. The tempura paste is flavoured with miso and soya sauce, and breaded with okara. Yes, okara is the rest of grounded soya crumbs which are left-overs from soya milk. To store them if I don’t use them in veggie burgers, I dry them. They are a very good item to change from breadcrumbs. Lighter and crispier how could one resist?

This bento was a true relief and a real pleasure. And as I didn’t manage to choose, you’ll have our both bentos!

A similar bento with broccoli and cabbage mini burgers

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content:
-Grated carrot with a Japanese style vinaigrette
-Carrot variation of the vegetarian sushi
-Broccoli and cabbage burgers sprinkled with ginger powder
Quinoa beetroot bites sprinkled with chilli pepper powder
Lentils and pumpkin seeds muffins
Beetroot cupcakes.

Well, the bento is really similar to yesterday’s. But, it’s well-balanced (for a vegetarian eater) and took less than ten minutes to put together. So, at least, I managed to stick to my goals! Thanks Maki for the motivation!

I cannot give you the precise recipe for the broccoli and cabbage burgers, as I merely just cooked both veggies in water with a vegetarian stock cube, blended them, added ginger, rice flour, soya flour, polenta and flour until it was thick enough to make burgers that I could cook in a frying pan (both sides). I wasn’t awake enough
to keep track of how much of what I put inside to make them. I hope, you’ll forgive me.

Oh, by the way, the blue bentos featured lately are Bisounours_51’s. I wouldn’t be able to eat so much! 🙂

Beetroot party: Quinoa beetroot bites!

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Bento content:
Quinoa beetroot bites sprinkled with chilli pepper powder,
Lentils and roasted pumpkin seeds cake
Carrot variation of the vegetarian sushi
Polish cabbage salad
Beetroot cupcake.

So today, I didn’t forget the pulse. I made some little muffins with lentils and roasted pumpkin seeds. How did I came with this idea? I had read the title lens and nut cake in my Mexican cookbook. But I never took the time to read the recipe and dream about it. Somehow, I had a precise idea of what that should be. I went through the recipe, and was really disappointed. It was just lens burgers served with tomato sauce and nuts…No way! I therefore just went and tried whatsoever and… Bisounours_51 is really found of them! Hey, so proud :)! And, as they are bento friendly, you’ll see them appearing quite often!
As I’m quite found of beetroot lately, I wanted to marry it with quinoa to give pretty pink bites to fresh up this bento and make me forget about winter and the cold!

Back to Bento and Maki’s challenge

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content:
Roesti style potato and kohlrabi
Carrot variation of the vegetarian sushi
Beetroot cupcake
-Half a pear
-Soya sauce in the kitty case

Yes it’s true, I’m back to bentoing!
Well, there are few reasons. The first is that I’m not travelling for the next months and I do not have social reasons to go to restaurant. The second is that Bisounours_51 has a job out of town with no possibility of eating out. The last but not least is Maki’s challenge. I know I’m one week late, but, well, better late than never, huh?
So, I’ll stick first to the challenge of the first week. And the goals will be
-to manage to stick to a week planner
-to prepare bentos in less than 20 minutes
-prepare bentos that are not too similar dinner.
So, let’s have a go!
At least, you’ll be sure that I’ll post a bit more often! 😉

The carrot variation of the sushi is just another way to make BF eat a bit more vegs! You can decline this trick with any root vegetable as beetroot, celery, radish,…or with leaves as parsley, coriander leaves,…Have fun, be creative!