So healthy junk food

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Vegetarian hamburger (vegetarian steak, ogorki, lamb’s lettuce, mustard, sweet tomato sauce, Our sauce BBQ)
Potatoes and mushrooms sauté

Back from the swimming pool. Tired and smelling bleached. But with a big appetite! So, I ran in the kitchen to make us something fulfilling which would be a little special as we had the chance to be together this evening.
Bear was the one who introduced me to junk food when we started to date. I know he misses it from time to time, so I wanted to treat him with a healthy vegetarian version. He’s totally charmed, and this hamburger is his favourite.
I gave two shots to this recipe before finding what I was really looking for. And for the bread, the recipe is just the one of milk bread loaf that you mould into a hamburger bread form, sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake in a pot.

Spicy Indian courgette dish, toffee pudding

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Courgette and pea (Indian style dish)
Rustic tomato sauce
-Steamed rice balls coated with sesame seeds
Little toffee cream

Still sunny evenings. The table is outside, and we enjoy to the have dinner with our feet in the grass watching at the sunset. A little dinner for two with candles. Romantic isn’t it?
The meal is quite ordinary, a little courgette dish similar to the courgette Shak I had in a London’s restaurant, some homemade tomato sauce, steamed rice balls and some little toffee puddings for dessert. An nice evening under the summer sky. A little bit of rest before moving out.

Express pasta meal

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Meaty tofu and gluten balls
Tomato sauce
Apple crumble

Some evenings are a little bit more busier than others. For these evenings I have some meat alike balls in the freezer that I can quickly accommodate with tomato sauce and pasta. It is one of my favourite express meals. What are your favourite express meals?

French translation available here.

Red rice and terrific meat alike balls

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Bento content
-3 meat alike balls
-1/2 tomato
-1/4 aubergine sliced cooked with a spray of oil, chilli pepper, salt and pepper
-1/4 orange pepper bell
-1 little maize
-1/8 cucumber
Red rice
Homemade furitake

One more little idea to colour naturally rice: tomato sauce! It’s amazing it didn’t appear on the blog before because it’s one item which comes often on our table! Mum usually does it with green olives which gives a nice little taste. Though I usually eat it hot, it’s nice cool too. And it was really delicious with some little vegetables cooked and fresh. And today, I didn’t forget the pulse to have a well-balanced vegetarian bento. I did some really great “meat” balls with smoked tofu and gluten. The taste is really incredible and Bear was totally seduced by it. And now I can redo my favourite easy and express pasta recipe: “meat balls” with tomato sauce.

Vegan merguez [better texture]

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Vegan merguez [base: seitan]
-Quinoa and lens
Courgette spicy tomato sauce

As you know I like playing with food. And lately I was looking for some meat alike replacers. There was one sausage I liked for its spices: it was merguez. I didn’t though like the greasy part of the sausage.
And Bear loves this sausage so much, I gave it another shot. I already tried to make some vegan sausage but I was not completely satisfied with the texture. So this time I tried a different variation, using mainly gluten and no soya flour. We liked it better as it has this little chewy texture one can find with meat. (Indeed, this is one of the main gluten property).
With this little sausage we did a little “coucous” alike meal but we used quinoa instead of “semoule”, to which we added some lens. The courgette spicy tomato sauce recalls a little ratatouille…
Okay, remember I said alike! 🙂 Well, it was a true treat.
I’m so happy I’m back home playing with food again, I truly missed it!

Chili sin carne

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Chili sin carne
Polish cabbage salad.

Today, I had forgotten to add some pulses in our bentos. I had really to rebalanced our meal (said this way, it seems as if I was anxious to have forgotten pulses!). Well, anyway, it was just an excuse to prepare one of my favourite spicy easy and quick made meal! It’s true that it’s quite immediate if you have your azukis already cooked. Tinned azukis would go also to speed up dinner preparation.

The cabbage salad recipe comes from a polish friend of mine who had invited us this Sunday. We had a great time together. And for the first time, I saw an iced lake and even walked on it. Yes, I was truly frightened! But some people were even driving with cars on this lake!
Could you believe it?

Vegetarian spaghetti “bolognese” full of vegs

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Tomato sauce in a bolognese style.

There are days when you are really hungry and that you can’t wait any more to have your meal ready. Yesterday was one of these days. And these days you need a quickly ready meal but quick doesn’t mean unbalanced! This sauce has pulses, vegetables, seitan (or soya pellets as you prefer).

Just keep in mind that I always have a tup full of pulses in my fridge.