Indian evening

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Spicy cabbage and pea
Caramelised turnip
Red rice with red beans

Bear had time to join me for dinner tonight. Meaning, that for once he wasn’t on the road. So while waiting I tried to put together dinner. And here’s what’s new: Indian spicy red cabbage and pea (which is usually done with a green cabbage) and caramelised turnips. The spice of the cabbage and pea dish is calmed down with the sweet turnips. Rice and red beans were added to balance the meal. I set the table with a nice cloth, the Sunday plates, and lit a few candles to make it a little special.

A French version is available here.


Pea and mustard sauce, polenta and boiled veggies

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Polenta medals
Pea and mustard sauce
-Boiled vegetables (carrot, rutabaga, Brussels sprouts, turnip)

Bear is really fan of polenta medals. So, I try to make some from time to time. This time I added some boiled vegetables with a pea and mustard sauce. The result was amazing though the ingredients are truly ordinary. Have a try!
Just a little tip for the vegetables, you can boil them all in the same pan full with water, just start with the turnip, rutabaga and carrots. When nearly tender add the Brussels sprouts (they only need 5 minutes of boiling).

A French version is available here.

Swiss chard and nut tart, and salted turnip

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Salted turnip (Alsatian recipe)
Swiss chard and nut pie
-Steamed potato with a nut of margarine to melt

I wanted to find back old flavours : salted turnip. No way to find some here. So the solution was to prepare some my ownself. It doesn’t ask a lot of time neither a lot of skills and the result is really good. I added a slice of beet and nut pie. First time, I ever tasted any Swiss chard was in Nice as a pie and it was yuk…sprinkled with icing sugar! Past, this first bad experience I was brave enough to try to eat some beet again by copying my spinach pie! And it is tasty enough to have been added to my handy everyday express meals list.

A French translation is available here

Greek pita bento to assemble

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Homemade pita breads
-Grated carrots, cucumber, celery, turnip
-Sliced cabbage and red cabbage
White sauce
Humus flavoured with olives
-Dried dates, chocolate.

Sometimes Bear complains that sandwichs are good too. So to charm him and prove him that healthy bentos and sandwiches are not incompatibles I came up with
vegetarian pitas with falafels.

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

The idea is to prepare the pitas just before eating. The pita are precut and we just had to spread a little nut of humus, then the vegetables, the falafels and top with the white sauce.

Bear shared his bento with a colleague on the way to Wroclaw…one more addicted, one more poor wife which has to start bentoing (yes, here female/male roles seems still to be really settled…[hard for a feminist like me 😉] ).
And Bear is begging me to make him this bentos again and again…Pffiou!

Bento treat

Bento content:
-Courgette sticks with basil
-Turnip stick spiced with hot curry
-Ginger flavoured rice
-Two raw salmon flowers
-Carrot sticks with cinnamon spice
-Pepper flavoured mushrooms
-Broccoli tree.
All of these lying on a salad leaf.

The veggies were ceased with their spices in a hot pan for a few minutes. In case, I would be hungry before arriving home, I prepared a “snack” bento (it’ a 300ml box):
Bento content:
-Nutella stuffed vanilla rice ball
-Kiwi, mandarin,apple and pear slices.

It was really tasty. I enjoyed the vanilla rice stuffed with chocolate spread. The only thing which was weird is that the mandarin flavour was there too! Next time I should pack them apart or in a way they won’t touch other things.
I enjoy these snack bentos. It’s a little treat as I enjoy so much fruits and since I’m grumpy when hungry…I’d rather eat! Oh, it’s only for the sake of the others…

One go for the bento challenge: Shaddock

So this is my first kyaraben : the Shaddock.

Bento content :
-Nori, wasabi
-Green cabbage, courgette, mushroom, turnip, and almonds.

The top tier is precooked cabbage in water, then heat all the chopped vegetables in a frying pan with a little oil. Add a little bit of cream, then some ginger, turmeric, salt, pepper, garlic, nutmeg.
The result isn’t enough satisfying to post it on BentoChallenge.